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> EXCLUSIVE SHOWCASE LEGACY : Lowell Phoenix Devin, formerly Lowell S.V. Devin before creatively 'rising from the ashes' Phoenix-style from a devastating studio-house fire, May 23rd, 2021, near Cambridge, OH, USA. / Back Story Facts : After losing my entire fine-art collection of over 500 original mixed-medium works in the fire ( plus a 53-piece custom framed show ), I seized a unique opportunity, ironically, through the ONLY item I was able to save that day - - to regenerate key works from my collection in the widest variety of custom print-sizes and surfaces via my duplicate hard-drive digital archive which I rescued from the fire, all custom print-works now proudly available for public purchase exclusively through Pictorem as the "Lowell Phoenix Devin Collection : Treasures From the Fire". / > COMMENDATIONS : The Lowell S.V. Devin Collection personally letter-reviewed as, "outstanding", by Doug Rowan, Former President and CEO, Corbis Corporation, the world's foremost digital archive at time of said review, March, 1997. (Signed digital-letter copy on file.) / > International Debut: Montserrat Contemporary Art Gallery 584 - 588 Broadway, Broadway Gallery Building, New York, N.Y. 10012 / " . . . Devin has a virtuoso's command of paint and brushes, altering his technique, varying his style, and adapting imagery masterfully to convey precisely the feeling, thought, and/or impression he wishes to impart . . a rare ability." / - About Art / Dorothy Roatz Myers, Box 204, F.D.R. Station, New York N.Y. 10150

> Lowell Devin : Author of, "The Van Gogh Code" e-book now available at Amazon. / > Also see : Devin: "The New Fashion Identity for Women" copy/paste http://www.FashionArtLeader.com __________________________________________

> WORLD FIRST : Since my entire collection of over 500 original mixed-medium works was completely destroyed (yet 'recovered' digitally), exclusively presented here as the "Lowell Phoenix Devin Collection : Treasures From the Fire", all clients ordering prints here (exclusive new Devin global-print source) receive their very own historical version of each work on the custom-production surface and size of their choosing , an absolute world first on such a scale. Thank you, Pictorem, for your phenomenal platform of services. - Lowell Phoenix Devin ___________________________________________

> Artist > Personal Interview / copy-paste https://www.smashwords.com/interview/LowellDevin

> " I wish to do for Fine Art what the British Invasion did for music, instead, with the most stunning array of original, resizable museum-grade fine art ever created by one artist - - absolutely NO tracing, ever, and done with all true fine-art mediums - - page after page after page, exclusively available right here, right now." - Lowell Phoenix Devin / September, 2021