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Illumination Studios is home of the creative expressions of fine artist, illustrator, muralist and photographer Natalie Bigler. Creating has always been a passion for Natalie, and she loves bringing joy to viewers through emotions that only the arts can communicate. Since she was a child she has always had a pencil in hand and especially loves portraits and animal subjects.
Growing up in the beautiful spaces of Idaho, USA, home was always filled with beauty and inspiration in majestic skies, landscapes and gorgeous outdoor spaces. "Art is a powerful way to communicate and connect with people. My curiosity for people and our universal struggles and triumphs keeps me always learning and finding new experiences to capture. My artwork and photography is created with the intention to bring deeper joy, insight or peace to the viewer". She studied Fine Art and Illustration at Brigham Young University Idaho and worked at the campus art gallery where her admiration and appreciation for the masters and all kinds of mediums and styles of artwork and photography was sparked. She also received a minor in family science and later became certified as an art therapist where she teaches others to nurture their creativity. She believes in purposefully creating life and using visual media as a way to connect with our highest spiritual selves and bring healing. "My intention is to impact the world in a positive way by creating hope and beauty and a message of a the divine presence in the everyday beauties of life. ". She has illustrated one children's book and is currently in process of illustrating another, done many murals in homes and businesses, and worked as a taxidermy and real estate photographer. She loves globe trotting and seeing the amazing places in the world and being with and creating with her family. She has fallen in love with the media of silk painting because of it's parallels to life in the fresh and spontaneous process and the vivid colors that can be attained. Seeing how her artwork allows others a place to introspect and see messages meant for them is one of her greatest joys. Life is full of color and in sharing her way of seeing the world she hopes to bring a spot of inspiration to yours!