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Dean Miller is a contemporary Canadian artist who has dedicated the majority of his life to the study of fine art. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. He attended his first professional art show at the age of 16 after continually excelling in the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase art completions. In 2003 - 2004, Dean submitted his work to the Grade 12 Western Art Scholarship competition at the Calgary Stampede. After enduring a long and scrupulous jury, Dean’s work earned him a scholarship to study at the Alberta College of Art and Design where he could then further his knowledge and understanding in the world of fine art.

Before attending college, Dean Miller was already showing his work in 5 different art shows in and around Calgary. In 2004 Dean was enrolled in the Alberta College of Art and Design where he studied for 4 years earning himself a Batchelor of Fine Arts degree. Much of Dean’s study was focused on the methods and techniques of earlier masters, studying everything from art fundamentals, theory and practice, to the methods of making and preparing paint.

After receiving his degree 2008, Dean chose to travel around Europe revisiting, in person, many of the master pieces he studied in college. Upon his return, Dean began to teach adult art classes at Swinton’s Art Instruction at the age of 24. In 2011 Dean would grow to become the featured artist at the Lacombe art show exhibiting many works from his travels. It was in the years to come when this featured artist decided to dedicate himself full time to art. Recreating his travels, marvels and dreams Dean Miller continues to grow and find new light in his works to this day.