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Hello there!
I’m Lyrin, a professional tattoo artist that possesses a passion for Illustration.
I absolutely love fairytales, mythology and the macabre. My greatest inspirations are Brother’s Grimm, Vincent Nasta, Greek & Hindu Myths, Caitlin Hackett, Frank Frazetta, Ralph Bakshi, and many others.

For years I’ve been juggling work and illustrating. Three years ago, I made a huge life change. I decided to become a tattoo artist (this was big)! Going from being a corporate graphic designer to a freestyle-anything-goes… (in my opinion)… the opportunity to be a true artist has been the greatest experience of my life!

Since becoming a tattoo artist, i’ve be more creative than I’ve ever had the chance to in the past. Working with amazing clients and adorning their bodies with my work permanently, has been a dream come true, but I still feel a void in my heart. While I spend so much time and energy bringing other peoples visions to life, I have no time to work on my own creations. Most of my time and artistic energy has been directed to earning a living.

I’m incredibly humble and down to earth (or at least I’d like to think so, lol). Never be nervous to ask question about my work!
*It would mean the world to me if you would take a minute to check out my Patreon Project!!! Lyrin Bailey- The Crown of Gods & Monsters
It’s been a long time dream to spend more time working on Illustrations, to meet and work with other artists, and to travel and showcase my work across the nation. Collaborate and putting together gallery events as well as attending national and international tattoo/ art conventions, so I can be available to meet fellow artists and fans from all over.
I know this dream has ways to go and a lot of planning, but with passion, support, and networking it can happen.
The most rewarding part,of working on this project, is the shared passion of everyone involved.
You don’t have to donate, but your support would be HUGLEY appreciated!! ( If you click the “Become a Paton” button, the first option is no donation, it’s just to be a supporter)**