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Brent Mckean, Eastern Manitoba, Canada

I was born in the small city of Thompson located in Northern Manitoba … a community surrounded by lakes and nestled in boreal forest country. I grew up in Winnipeg and have lived in Manitoba most of my life. From an early age, I came to love being outdoors. Nature, weather, the environment … all of that has always strongly resonated with me.

And then one day I picked up a camera and soon came to realize a new passion. I taught myself the intricacies of photography. How the camera works. What makes a captivating image. How to be creative with lighting and perspective.

So, with camera in hand, I set out to explore and photograph the diverse beauty of Manitoba. With a newfound love of the outdoors and endless inspiration, my journey took me to almost every corner of the province.
Through my pictures, I hope to share part of that journey with you. Capturing sights you may never experience. Helping you see beauty that is often overlooked. Shooting images of familiar places that you can appreciate all over again.
Whether the photos are taken in a public setting, close to my acreage or at a secluded spot, they depict a variety of weather and scenery. Hauntingly beautiful Aurora Borealis dancing in a dark sky. An abandoned barn exposed to nature. Jack pines standing tall and silent under the Milky Way. The intensity of a thunderstorm as it blows over a prairie field. Or a sunset reflecting its golden rays in wet pavement.
I love using my imagination to add whimsy and originality to my pictures. I also strive to create very high-quality images with minimal manipulation, and lean towards single-shot photos rather than composites. Because I want my clients to receive products of the utmost quality, I personally colour calibrate and carefully edit my images before printing.
So please … enjoy my page! And follow me on social media as I continue to explore Manitoba in search of that next great shot!

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