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I am sure many of you are curious as to how this all came to be. As for myself, this has been an overwhelming Spiritual Awareness experience which began in January of 2021. Originating from a short video of five objects taking off into the night to now what has been created. These images you see have been created in collaboration with God’s angels and myself. I know many will say this is impossible but I know in my heart I was used as a tool, as an instrument of thy peace. You see God’s love comes from the heart and is felt within the heart. A vibration so high being felt and at many times bringing tears to my eyes.

Through my experience I have realized that we are filled with so much light, light that beautifully flows through our heart with much love, peace, and kindness. I have learned that God and Jesus are within me and have always been since the day I was born. I also learned when I take my last breath here on “Mother Earth” they will be with me, and as I pass, they will be with me continuing on into the spiritual world for we are never alone. A spiritual world of peace, love, kindness, and harmony, for the spirit is an eternal light of love.

On August of 2022, as I lay in bed glancing at my phone I kept seeing flashes of light from the window, but with no sound. At first I thought it was a car light but this light kept flashing. It caught my curiosity so I arose from bed and looked out my east window. At looking out my window I observed stars shining and a few clouds, but then the flash again with no sound. I then went to look out the north window and again a flash which looked like a car shining the light onto my neighbor’s yard. I told my husband I have to go look outside to see who is flashing their light.

As I stepped outside onto the porch I was amazed as to what I was seeing. An intense light which looked like a strobe light striking and reflecting across a night filled sky with stars illuminating across the vast darkness. This light illuminated my whole front yard and neighborhood. I went inside to grab my IR binoculars to film and called to my husband you have to come out to see this. I was grateful to have captured this with my iphone with only crickets chirping and cicadas humming in the background. A couple of days later I began looking at the IR footage but to my surprise not even one video was captured. It started me thinking, why? I then realized at this moment this was the sign, a big sign, I had been waiting for all along, telling me I have their approval; “Shine your light upon others.”, “Go and shine your light upon others.”

A spiritual journey realizing we are all connected by a common thread but yet are all unique individuals and can all learn and help one another grow in great positive ways. Whether it comes from a simple hug, a gentle kiss, a firm handshake, a pat on ones back, positive words of encouragement or inspiration, or just quietly listening kindly. You see these small tokens of gesture of helping others are like brightening stars in the universe with our love growing and spreading further throughout the many distant galaxies, bringing a happiness to our hearts and to others. Other expressions of love may include art, dance, writing, humor, or music touching ones heart, bringing love in a unique way. Share your love with others.

All my life I have had much empathy for the world’s suffering. It is time, now, to end all suffering around the world. It is time, now, to spread our love towards helping others. You see love begins and converges within yourself and expands outwards to others resonating throughout the universe. Love is all powerful and healing.

The following is a message I have received from God's angels.

“Love one another, Be kind to one another, Have compassion for one another, and Help one another. Protect the planet earth. A new world in harmony will arise out of destruction.”

So begin now by opening your heart and begin your journey of inspiring people to think outside of the box in bringing ideas forward to better all humanity and I hope these creations, in viewing only, touch you in a way to make this occur. A healing of the soul. A healing to wake up. A healing to feel God's love. Curiosity is what began this whole journey of creation. A journey occurring out of nowhere and took me by surprise which eventually lead me to one grand discovery, the immense energy of God's love. I THANK the Universe with all my heart for teaching, guiding, and placing me on a lighted path and for the love given, much now flowing through me.

"With much love, may peace and kindness fill your hearts, always, Ariel Light."

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