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Adam Bundy is a landscape photographer based on the East end of Long Island. His life-long passion of capturing landscapes and nature and sharing his artistic beauty and photography with the world. He captures everything macro world to the larger landscapes such as the sunrise and sunsets.

I discovered the importance of framing the image in my mind and not just pointing my camera in a large area and taking a picture. He see the nature beauty in any setting he finds himself photographing and captures the light, boldness, and beauty of his surroundings. Adam incorporates his love of the outdoors, such as hiking, biking, and travel adventures which have blended into his photographic art.

Adam’s photography has been published in multiple East end publications and has a big following in the Shelter Island and Long Island Photography groups. He continuously explores and refines his subject matter and to help connect his viewers to deeper appreciation the nature and the world around us.

I follow my heart when I am out taking my photographs and always looking for the unique beauty to share with the world. His photos give his viewers a sense of calm, reflection, and to explore overlooked beauty of the world around us. He gives people a chance to slow down and a few minutes to feel good about the subject and a sense of hope.

Adam loves to capture the start of the day to give a sense of renewal and the end of the day to capture a sense of meaning and accomplishment. His biggest compliment is a viewer coming back and saying the joy they experienced or they have a deeper appreciation for the nature.

As Adam continues to hone his photography, his fine art prints are currently in demand by many on the East end.