Why us

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Your photos should be hung up like works of art
so let us help you create that masterpiece!
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We are dedicated to providing you with the best results for your creations.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
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We add an extra ingredient to our canvas prints:

Our mission
"Promote creativity by allowing everyone to transform their images into a masterpiece."

1. We love working with art
Working with art and photos is a passion, and when work is fun, we make every photo canvas print a masterpiece.

2. Technology
We have the latest large inkjet printers technology of 2017 with Pigment Ink & Flat-bed printers. Great combo for the best results.

3. Materials
Great printing needs great canvas to print on, so we use only Premium Artist Canvas Material to provide the most vivid results.

4. Customer service
It's not a department, it's everyone's job. We promise to deliver the most comprehensive service each time.

5. Artwork you will like for the rest of your life
Our pigmented ink is designed to resist fading. Our printing technology retains black and color quality for life.

6. Our image enhancement
Our image enhancement process allows us to make almost every picture into amazing photo canvas prints.

7. Our satisfaction program
It is our quality promise. No risk ! You don't like it? Send it back and we will refund you!

8. Handcrafted
We are making your canvas, it means we manualy inspect colors, resolution and sharpness on every single canvas.

9. Well, ... Check our prices!
We are able to offer great huge size canvas and it won't break your budget.

10. Free shipping in North America
We are transparent and competitive on shipping cost, Free shipping and US and Canada and no importation fees.

How we make Wall Art
canvas print process canvas print process canvas print process canvas print process canvas print process canvas print process canvas print process

Who is Pictorem?

Pictorem is based in Montreal and is the child of a team of shutterbugs with one thing in common, a passion for photography.

Passion is like a jealous lover who consumes your thoughts, is demanding, self-absorbed, and generally dominates our time.

While preparing a photographic event and desperately trying to get the best results on canvas, we decided to get involved in doing our own printing, playing with the best resolution, colors and impact, to meet our requirements.

We are now using our experience to provide our customers with the same "wow" experience and help them to bring their photos to life and create a masterpiece.
We have shipping facilities in Champlain, NY, USA and Montreal, Canada.
We ship within the Same country of the customer, so for Canadian customers, we ship from Montreal and for US customers, we ship from New York state.

COPYRIGHT: Participant guarantees that the photo he/she is submitting is original, for which the participant owns all necessary rights.

Link to the contest

Examples from our customers
canvas print example canvas print example canvas print example
canvas print example
canvas print example

All our stretched Canvas includes:

  • Premium Fine Art Matte Canvas 410g/m2
  • 1.5 Inch Thick wood for a real gallery look
  • Giclee printing with Pigment ink designed to meet galleries and museum longevity requirements and ensure consistency of shades 200 years old.
  • Canvas Wall Hanger
  • printing satisfaction We are so pleased with how the canvas looks that we are willing to guarantee it for you. 100% risk free.

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    You create, we take care of the rest.
    Planning to make multiple prints ? If you need to create a few canvas in a year, we can offer a discount program.

    More info on the free "pro" account

    Check our material & print quality by yourself      Receive a free Canvas Brochure Sample

    General Information
    Before your purchase

    Where do you ship from?

    We do the printing in Montreal, Canada. We also have logistic facilities within New York state. Orders shipped to Canadian customers are shipped from Montreal, and to US customers from New York state. No import fees or any local tax for US customers.

    How much is the shipping cost ?

    It is Free shipping anywhere in USA or Canada, but you can also get an express delivery option, but this depend on your canvas size, option are available when placing the order.

    Can I have you make any edits or color change to my file ?

    Yes and we offer an option on the shopping cart page.

    My image transfer to your site is not working

    If your file is too large or if you have any problem transfering your file, just proceed with the order without uploading your image. We will work with you and send you an email for various options to transfer including dropbox, wetransfer, other manual upload process.

    We will make it working and you will never pay for something we can't print

    After your purchase

    How long does it take to ship my product?

    Canvas Roll: typical lead time 4 working days
    Order today and we will ship on Nov-28

    Stretched Canvas: typical lead time 7 working days
    Order today and we will ship on Dec-01

    Stretched Canvas with Decorating Frame: typical lead time 8 working days
    Order today and we will ship on Dec-04

    Photo Print:: typical lead time 5 working days
    Order today and we will ship on Nov-29

    Custom Photo Frame:: typical lead time 8 working days
    Order today and we will ship on Dec-04

    Acrylic Print: typical lead time 7 working days
    Order today and we will ship on Dec-01

    Metal Print: typical lead time 7 working days
    Order today and we will ship on Dec-01

    Mural Print: typical lead time 7 working days
    Order today and we will ship on Dec-01

    Epoxy metal: typical lead time 10 working days
    Order today and we will ship on Dec-06

    Note: Decoration Frame, Varnish option might add a few working days to the total lead time

    We ship from Monday to Friday. Then you can receive your product within 2 to 6 days. You can also choose your shipping option (ground or express) on the checkout page.

    How can I find the status of my order?

    You can follow the status of the order, including the tracking number or other specific information regarding your order on your "account" page.

    My Tracking doesn't work?

    It is possible that our email system is sending you the tracking number before the shipper is scanning the item.
    It might take up to 24 hours on some case for some carrier ( such as Fedex ) to scan the box and to active the tracking, in the meantime, you will see "tracking not found" and it is normal, you can wait 24 hours and if it takes longer, feel free to contact us!

    My canvas is defective, how can I send it back?

    You need to contact us, trough your "Account"page. Do not send any product without a valid RMA ( Return Merchandize Authorization), or the package could be refused.

    General Printing question

    What formats of images do you accept?

    We can work with various files: JPEG, PNG, PSD & PSB, PDF, TIFF, AI, EPS
    If you have multiple file, for a special project, you can also send them under a ZIP file

    What is your working colorspace?

    Our printing software is using sRGB. We will work with any other colorspace such as CMYK but they will be converted to sRGB

    Not sure about my image resolution, will you check before printing?

    Yes, we will check quality and if it's not meeting our standard or something is wrong with the file, we will contact you first before shipping.
    you can check the file resolution you need for the optimal print

    What file format do you recommend?

    A good old JPEG with the highest quality settings of compression will work great. Yes a TIFF offers a quality without any loss but with experience, we have found that with a good optimal JPEG with a good dpi, we can't notice any change

    Canvas Print

    What printing quality should I expect?

    We invest on the latest printing technology of 2017.
    We are using premium materials, ( such as Premium Artist Matte Canvas, and the 99,9% optical pure acrylic sheet, all in original ink, to provide the most vivid results for your photo or art.
    you can check the file resolution you need for the optimal print

    Do you have a Canvas ICC profile

    Yes it is here

    What is the maximum size for the print

    We are using a 60 inch HP Pigment ink plotter, so for:

    Stretched Canvas print: Max size is 100 inches by 54 inches.
    Canvas print shipped in Roll: Max size is 150 inches by 58 inches.

    Please note that if you want want even bigger we can print your artwork in multiple panels

    What is the actual finished size of a framed CANVAS print?

    When you select our premium "wrap" style, 1.5 inch thick wood Frame for your canvas print, we will increase the size of your image by 1.5 inches all around. This way we can wrap the canvas around the frame with the edges of your image. We will however always check to make sure we are not removing a crucial element of your picture.

    Acrylic Print

    What printing quality should I expect?

    We invest on the latest printing technology of 2017.
    We are using FlatBed Printers for a Direct Print on Acrylic with a unique Inkjet dispersion technology that consistently delivers wide adhesion, superb color vibrancy and excellent durability in every print.
    you can check the file resolution you need for the optimal print

    What is the maximum size for the print

    Acrylic print: Max size is 96 inches by 48 inches.

    What kind of backing are you using with a floating frame

    If you select the floating frame mounting, we will simply add a black ink at the back of the acrylic to protect the print. There is no extra layers or sintra. The result will be clean and elegant

    What are the stand-off position on the acrylic

    If you want to measure where to drill, the stand-off is at 1 inch from the border and the stand off size approx 2cm.

    What resolution do you require for printing ?

    Please check our update printing resolution guideline

    What is the opacity of the Acrylic

    If you select the floating frame mounting, it will be 99% opaque due to the black ink we use. If you select the stand off, the opacity is approx 70%

    What is the lead time for order processing for the Acrylic print

    Please check our updated lead time page on the top of the FAQ page

    Metal Print

    What is the maximum size for the print?

    Metal print: Max size is 96 inches by 48 inches.

    On what medium to you print?

    We print on a 1/8 brushed aluminum print.

    How do you print on metal?

    We are using a flatbed printer to print directly on the brushed aluminum surface. To take advantage of the brushed surface we do not print the white so the white of the picture becomes the reflective brushed metal surface

    Washing the metal print?

    Yes, we are using UV inkjet, it will be water resistant.

    Mural Print
    Printed on Eco-Solvent Ink (scratch resistent)

    What type of paper are you using for your mural print?

    We are usindg Professional Grade Custom Vynil Self-Adhesive Printing

    What is your printer resolution?

    Our printer are using 1200 dpi print resolution but to manage a large print size, we recommend to have a file between 100 to 200 dpi

    Is it scratch resistent?

    Yes it is, we are using eco-solvent ink

    What are the lenght of the print strips?

    We typically deliver in strip of 30 inches of width for easy installation. but we can adapt the size depending on the project

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    [[ «Every artist was first an amateur.»  -  Ralph Waldo Emerson




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