Welcome to art de TREEomphe nature photography and design - also known as bark4art

art de TREEomphe presents nature inspired design from the extensive photography of Australian tree bark, among others. I've additional landscape photography prints available that are essentially a byproduct of my years of tree and forest photography, and a deep love of the natural world.

I was born in Sydney, Australia, but also spent many years working abroad, including 4 times in Canada. I particularly love your wild places in North America, especially the extensive and diverse parks with their breathtaking natural beauty and wildlife.

Most of the images I use in my designs come from remote environments, rain-forests, deserts, and everywhere in between. I take a special interest in the colours, textures, and incredible detail trees exhibit at various times of the year, under specific climatic conditions, and as a result of duress. Trees provide so much that we generally take for granted, and our survival is inextricably linked to theirs.

I'd like to present artworks that celebrate natures value to us all, and recommend having the prints finished by HD Sublimation, if feasible. The colour and durability is hard to beat, and the bark colours and detail looks great on metal. Nevertheless, I've no doubt Pictorem is a great choice for your special long-term investment.

I hope you enjoy my artwork's as much as I love the process of creating them for you.

There's plenty more variety to come, so bring the detailed character of trees inside.

Thanks for visiting!

Stephen James

Art Gallery