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Born in a war-torn communist country, Snjezana experienced first-hand what it was like to live without many things. When she was eight her grandparents helped her escape and brought her to America. Snjezana's Fine Art Creations are inspired by her own trials and adventures in life, as well as her passionate love of nature, people, and animals. Her life story has helped to shape and foster her imagination and develop different perspectives and appreciation for how intricate life is and how we are all connected.Snjezana hopes her creations move others to see the world in a different lens, be grateful for the good in life, and help them in healing their spirit by inspiring happiness and peace through her works. Snjezana creates custom art creations; however, she realizes that not everyone can order a custom creation so she is sharing some of her works as limited prints. Her website for custom art creations is Thank you so much~ Always with Love & God ~If you do not see a creation you love, contact her at:
+ 1-216-408-5680

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