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Experienced diver and multiple awarded and Honored in international photo competitions National Geographic Traveller Winner Porfolio 2022, Jury Top 5 at IPA Photo Awards, Top 5 in Championship World Shootout 2021, Galathea human impact 22, Ocean Art 2021, Golden Turtle 2022, Honorable Mention Ocean Geographic 2022, Runner Up Travel Photographer of the Year 2020, Winner Wildlife Monochrome Award 2019, Runner up portrait Wildlife 2019, Honorable mention Siena Award..

After having the chance to dive in one of the most beautiful lagoon in the world, Wallis' lagoon, I cannot imagine diving without my camera. My desire to share the beauty of the seabed and the variety of species present, quickly led me to take a camera.

?The ocean is the environnement in which I like to evolve, among a mixture of colours and lights. It is now critical to show this endangered world as well as the species threatened by human behaviour. My desire to offer underwater images of professional quality has increased further.

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