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Welcome to my gallery where you can purchase limited edition art in a variety of sizes and surfaces. I love making art and sharing what I know about artistic processes.
I was a student of Gladys Goldstein who taught me how to paint light and color and introduced me to the style of one of her mentors, Grace Hartigan. She also influenced my love of collage and the simple pursuit of arranging objects on a flat plane whether that is with paint or other materials.
I began my painting career as a School 33 artist ,selling work to Baltimore interior designers and collectors. Mostly large expressionist works investigated color relationships and harmonious compositions. Making art is part of my daily routine.
My studio is located in my home in Timonium, MD. I still like to work large, currently in oils or acrylic. I also use digital tools. I have an iPad Pro where my medium of choice is Procreate.
When I am not painting, I am enjoying my family, home and gardens or teaching Middle School Art classes and coordinating community service projects for Mother Seton Academy. I also have an Etsy shop called Art and Type where I can express my love of design in my seasonal card kits.
I grew up in a big family in a working class neighborhood in Baltimore City.
One of my earliest artistic influences came from my Aunt Dorothy. Her Homewood townhouse was filled with Art Nouveau prints, sculptures and furnishings. I remember my cousin’s lavender bedroom with two Alphonse Mucha prints. It was just stunning. I still regard Mucha as a major influence in my work. I love his use of line , color and illustrative compositions with the female figure. Early on I also loved Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. His posters depicting the Moulin Rouge have a style similar to Mucha, with lots of outlines, pattern and color that are more expressive than realistic. I also am inspired by watercolor artist, Andrew Wyeth. His paintings to me, are at once realistic and abstract. Parts are in focus sometimes while other areas are not. His masterful use of color and brushwork is something I am always working to achieve.
My work ranges from altered photographs of Baltimore City to impressionist landscape paintings, to large expressionist abstracts.
I’m looking for the beauty in the ordinary things that I see everyday.
Current work includes abstractions, urbanscapes and landscapes, with a particular focus on Baltimore and the surrounding Mid- Atlantic region. I work in acrylic, oils, watercolor and digital paint. I use photographs for the basis of most of my work .
My published works can be seen on several international art websites including, The Fulcrum Gallery, Framed Art, GreatBigCanvas, Print America and more.
Contact me for commissions and to see original art in my studio.

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