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I am Patrick Lynch a photographer living in Dunnellon, FL and former environmental photographer for the state of Florida where I served for sixteen years. Prior to this I worked as a photojournalist in Connecticut. Early 2020 I relocated back to Florida with my family after living in Welcome, NC for nearly nine years. I am a husband, father of two sons and caregiver to any furry creature that comes around needing a safe home.

Today I pursue artistic photography. Much of my work may be described as abstract or minimalism. At times I get to combine the two. I do see God as the creator and my approach in photographing is finding what He will show me. While out I am searching for the natural to photograph in a clean and often overlooked way my goal is to make images of nature as I find it and how I see it. Both are a gift

I have worked in multiple large / medium formats, smaller film formats and many different digital systems and formats. Additionally I have created in alternative process and enjoyed building my own cameras. It is the final result, the print that brings me the most joy.
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