Jerry Omo jr

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Jerry Omo jr.
Photographic Illustrator
I'm driven by the romance of one shot, a glimpse of time that represents the apex of a single moment.
These un-captured images want their story to be told, so standing ready, I watch & wait. Mother nature presents her kaleidoscope of light, painting a scene that is worthy of the artist. Your anticipation holds reluctantly, she cycles through her many changes or color, light and dark changing everything in your perspective canvas. The story begins to unfold, your will is slowly broken & the time has arrived. The silence is shattered in a millisecond, with the release of a shutter. In that one moment, the light, the scene and the artist combine, to literally stop time. Never before and never again, will this moment appear.
All that remains is the image, captured by one shot.

-Enjoy these moments