Ismat Jahan

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Ismat Jahan loves to photograph trees, she is intrigued by greenery.  Different shades of greens, textures of tree trunks, different shapes of leaves, everything inspires her. Sometimes she likes to capture the landscape in its entirety, creating different compositions by positioning different trees at different angles, and sometimes likes to get close, taking closeups of only part of the trunk or leaves. Ismat held two solo photography exhibitions on trees and also participated in a number of group exhibitions. In November 2023, two of Ismat’s photographs were exhibited at the 'WHY DO YOU DO IT' exhibition of the Boomer Gallery in London. Besides trees, she loves photographing old historical buildings and likes to create a bonding between the past and the present by connecting old buildings with some present day elements, like greenery or human figures.
Ismat also uses different techniques, like multiple exposure and Intentional Camera Movement to create her art.