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Welcome to Grasshopper Geography's North American printing partner! Here you can buy all our maps on stretched canvases, acrylic, HD metal, and other wall art.Shipping only to the United States and Canada (except for paper posters and rolled canvas prints).For worldwide shipping options please visit our website at grasshoppergeography.comWho are we?We are a small family business, where Robert, a GIS Analyst/digital cartographer makes artistic maps, while Eszter, his partner, tries to take most business-related work off of his shoulders. We offer different map designs with both decorative and educational purposes, as our maps are not only pleasing to the eye but also scientifically accurate.A wide selection of prints are available in our webshops, however custom orders are always welcome. Working with these maps is very important for both of us, as they help people get closer to the beauty of geography in a unique and refreshing way.Robert regularly volunteers his mapmaking and GIS skills to Non-Governmental Organizations. He has worked for archaeologists on the tiny Caribbean island of St. Eustatius, with marine biologists in Alaska, and in an orangutan conservation program in Indonesian Borneo, amongst others.Check out our website at for more information and other fun stuff: read our blog, comission custom work, subscribe to our newsletter, write to us about licensing, learn more about sustainability and our past collaborations with NGOs.
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