Francesca Fini is an Italian artist, renowned for her contributions to experimental cinema, digital animation, new media, installations, and performance art. Her live performances often delve into the dynamics between public and private realms, the interaction between performers and audiences, and the representation of these elements. Her work critically examines societal impacts on gender and women's issues, as well as the mainstream media's distortion of beauty standards. Her art, both live and recorded, seamlessly blends traditional media with lo-fi technology, interactive design, and generative audiovisual elements.

Fini's extensive background as a digital artist spans over fifteen years, during which she has been involved in digital media and television. Her artistry has been showcased in prestigious events such as the 2011 WRO Biennale in Poland, the CINEMED Film Festival in Montpellier, the NordArt International Art Exhibition and Berlin Directors Lounge in Germany, and many others across Europe, America, and Asia. Notably, she participated in the Venice International Performance Art Week, alongside eminent artists like Valie Export, Jan Fabre, Yoko Ono, Marina Abramovic, and Hermann Nitsch. She was also an artist in residence at Bob Wilson's Watermill Center in New York in 2014 and 2016.

In 2016, Fini wrote and directed "Ophelia did not drown," an experimental film that blends archival footage with contemporary performance art. This film has been lauded by the esteemed film critic Adriano Aprà as one of the finest Italian experimental art films. Recognized for her pioneering work in cyber-performance, Fini is listed in the Treccani Encyclopedia as a leading figure in the field in Italy. More about her work and contributions can be found at

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