Elizabeth Lee Adeghe is an artist who believes in originality in her creativity and seeing beyond that subject. She sees an object from different angles and can be painted in different mediums, in so many colors and beyond that and can be made to look like anything else but as an artist, she strives to capture a glimpse of God's creations on canvas. Elizabeth Lee Adeghe is a Nigerian Canadian and a graduate of Nigeria's most prestigious art school Auchi polytechnic, School of Art and Design. Elizabeth's first art pieces were mosaics; the first, a wall design for a client overlooking his swimming pool titled, 'Aquarius'. Using the client's zodiac sign, she created a beautiful design with two fishes swimming in a sea of African brightly colored beads, glasses, and sea shells. The second; titled 'The Mermaids' was a mosaic piece done on the walls of her school as part of the final year project. Sea shells, glass, beads and other objects were used. This mermaid piece stems from stories told by elders of mermaid sightings in African rivers; True or false, as children, we believed in these stories. After years of crafting her experiences, Elizabeth is a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary artist and fashion designer. Creating bridal gowns, painting mosaics, creating ceramic art, and acrylic landscapes - Elizabeth uses her many talents to create art in all forms.

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