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Hey there, I'm Christopher Harris, a man of many hats (literally and figuratively).

I'm a seasoned Ayurvedic bonesetter (for almost three decades, but who's counting?), a digital artist (since the days of dial-up internet!), an author (I've been churning out masterpieces since my first typewriter at age six...), a gamer (anyone else remember blowing into Nintendo cartridges?), and a relatively new husband (I found someone who'll put up with me!).

When I'm not busy wearing different hats, I write self-help books based on Ayurvedic psychology, channeling, and Astanga Yoga. You can also catch my artistic flair on Instagram @chrisharrisart12 and grab a print of my work right here on Pictorem.

I'm a Maine native, vintage '77, and currently living with my amazing wife, Jen. We've been married since 2013, but we've known each other for countless lifetimes (no, really!). Together, we try to wrangle our five unruly cats (think herding cats is impossible? We make it look easy.).
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