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As an artist I feel compelled to advocate for intimacy. I hope to portray the value of connection- whether that is between mutualistic organisms, between people, man and nature or with a higher power. In order to achieve that goal, I embrace my vulnerability- my wabi-sabi oath to appreciate the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. I seek to reflect and amplify the softest voice and translate the deafening cries of the forgotten. Intimacy is not limited to bedroom vernacular. Intimacy is a gift born of voluntary vulnerability. Intimacy is the missing link in the circle of life.

Cathleen Klibanoff is a self proclaimed hodophile and steward of stories.
She lives in Milton, GA with her son and two dogs. She is a published artist and writer. She has shown at the FemArt Gallery in Jacksonville, FL, Indianapolis Art Center, and the Bohemian Grand Gallery in Asheville.

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