When I was 6 I took my dad’s 35mm Minolta SLR camera and popped off a roll of film of Vanna White during Wheel of Fortune. A few years later I stole the same camera, cloaked my bottom bunk bed in blankets until it was dark, then used desk lamps as lighting for a photo shoot using my stuffed animals.
For some of us, photography is in the blood.

I would borrow people’s cameras in high school, or at party’s (sometimes without them knowing) and fill their film rolls full of artistic and candid shots. People gave me rolls of film and would trade me Big Mac’s in exchange for doing their photo projects. In my college years I was a go-to for friends getting married on a budget. I’ve done more wedding’s than I care to ever think about. It has been a learning experience – but after a lifetime behind the camera I am always learning a new way to frame and capture things in a new way.
For some of us, art is in the blood.

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