My designs are influenced by my love of open spaces, a fascination that I have towards the aesthetic embedded into traditional Japanese arts and crafts and by the part from nature that I find most beautiful and which I collect since many years, seashells. As a minimalist, I do my best trying to balance adding a new seashell to my collection with keeping everything neat and uncluttered. I depict what I create as marine Ikebana poetry.

I am the author of the “Diamond Dust (Poems From the Black Sea)” 5-volume photo book series ( and 3 other gerontology books, among them - 'The aging gap between species', a journey of comparative gerontology from the simplest to the most complex organisms known and what makes them age so differently. There is a plethora of species displaying negligible senescence, but the research done on them is scattered around in obscure journals and the common mouse is still the de facto animal model when studying aging.

As regards my background, I am a polymath who went from arts to humanities to engineering to medicine and right now, I'm learning Japanese because I'm so in awe about its traditional arts. I have no intention to ever stop learning new things and trying new fields. I have another site on gerontology where I wear the hats of a geriatrics physician,book author and life extension blogger whose idea of fun is swimming followed by sushi time.

Check out my visual poetry photobook series at

or my latest non-fiction books at, some of those being translated in Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Afrikaans and Dutch.

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