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  • Touch Of Frank Photography
    Touch Of Frank Photography

    I see beauty everywhere I look, so I photograph it, and share it with the world.
  • J AI

    Joshua and AI Storytelling and visual artist exploring hive mind Artificial Intelligence capabilities in a spiritual approach with positive intentions. Come on an adventure into the cosmic consciousness, and explore a vision of unity, abundance, a
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  • Jon David

    All art is original and by human hands (no AI). If you would like more information, including signing up for email updates, please visit jondavid.art Thank you
  • John Pitre
    John Pitre

    John Pitre, the Art and Works of a Visionary. Born in 1942 and educated in the fine arts at the prestigious Art Students League in New York City, John Pitre evolved to become a Master of Fantasy and Surrealism. Pitre has been a significant influence
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  • Rosa  Lopez
    Rosa Lopez

  • Oak Angel
    Oak Angel

    Welcome to the collection of frames, prints, and photos. Each item showcases the lowcountry, more specifically- Kiawah, Seabrook and Johns Islands.
  • Olha Darchuk
    Olha Darchuk

  • ChrisHarrisArt

    Hey there, I'm Christopher Harris, a man of many hats (literally and figuratively). I'm a seasoned Ayurvedic bonesetter (for almost three decades, but who's counting?), a digital artist (since the days of dial-up internet!), an author (I
    ... [+]
  • Jongas Photo
    Jongas Photo

    Photographing most unique worlds places is my passion and i hope that will inspire you to get out and see the world or just serve as a reminder of earths natural beauty! my (soon to become reality) dream is to get a van and start traveling full time
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  • Cheryl Zapata
    Cheryl Zapata

    My work is inspired by images, people and events throughout my life. Influenced by the memory of my beloved, late brother and creative interest renewed during the pandemic of 2020, my focus in on watercolor art, inspiring others, and lifelong lear
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  • simonpolkart

  • Noble Gallery
    Noble Gallery

    - 30 years of experience as a Wildlife Artist - Aspiring Photographer If you are interested in any of these paintings or , photos press on the images below for more info

    50% of Revenue for Conservation Projects: Support conservation with Jacques-André Dupont's Photography. When you buy his photos, you're helping to protect nature. Jacques-André gives half of the net sales (after direct costs) to conservatio
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  • Sassan Filsoof

    Sassan Filsoof has experience as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator currently residing in Enderby, Canada. He was first formally trained as an industrial designer, then traditional animator, but has always had a strong affinity towards gr
    ... [+]
  • Zsolt Zsigmond

  • Images That Speak
    Images That Speak

    There’s an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe that an image can stir such strong emotions that a thousand words wouldn’t be enough to express it. Sometimes an image simply brings a single word to mind, or sometimes it
    ... [+]
  • Fodeliah Castro Del Ruz

  • Constantine Giovanni

    A Ukrainian immigrant, Constantine strives to create art that makes people happy while occasionally making them think. While some pieces are merely flights of fancy or based on original science fiction or fantasy fictional settings, others hold a de
    ... [+]
  • Artist: Raze
  • Kait Matthews

    Welcome! Kait Matthews is a First Nations Canadian artist living stateside in sunny California. She is primarily a figurative painter working in traditional and digital mediums. Thank you for visiting!
  • Keith Truman
    Keith Truman

    Hi, I am a keen amateur photographer, based in the UK. My passion is landscape photography although I also enjoy street photography. Since retiring from a busy job in the science industry 3 years ago, I try to devote as much time to my photog
    ... [+]

  • Carla White

    Carla White of C. White Designs started off in 2000 with a variety of creative expressions. Jewelry design, hand painted greeting cards, label and packaging design for her aromatherapy creations, as well as, hand painted furniture. She has had som
    ... [+]
  • Vividscope

    Introducing Vividscope: A Family Passion Captured in Every Frame At Vividscope, we believe that the beauty of the natural world is best preserved through the lens of a camera. Founded and nurtured by the combined passion of a father and daughter, ou
    ... [+]
  • I'm a fulltime electrician installing burglar alarm, fire alarm, access control, and camera systems. I'm a parttime professional photographer.
  • Massey Original
    Massey Original

    Hi, I'm Shane Massey aka Massey Original. Travel, portrait, landscape and dreamscape artist & photographer. Creator of Cool Cupcake Costume Immersion - www.coolcupcake.org Dreamscapes brought to life. Portraits like stories. Experience the
    ... [+]
  • Fouad El-Khabbaz
    Fouad El-Khabbaz

    We at Atelier des Caprices are thrilled to present to you the latest digital artworks by Le Boulanger. Born and raised in Mediterranean city Batroun, Lebanon, the Lebanese Canadian artist, Le Boulanger, is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong inc
    ... [+]
  • Greg Sarver Photography
    Greg Sarver Photography

    Greg Sarver is a seasoned photographer based in the vibrant city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Greg's journey into the world of photography commenced with the heartfelt gift of his first DSLR Camera many years ago, igniting a passion that would s
    ... [+]
  • Dutch Photographer
    Dutch Photographer

    Reinier Snijders | Dutch photographer in search of natural light in the real world
  • DulceRosa Gallery
    DulceRosa Gallery

    Paintings and Drawings has been my passion since I was a child and to enhance my knowledge I did a few courses, among which are Color Theory, Intensive Painting, Fundamentals of Live at Museum of Fine Arts Boston - MA, USA and advanced oil painting
    ... [+]
  • elisha ferguson
    elisha ferguson

    Inspired by the wondrous beauty of our universe, my art is a medium to express its majestic elements and our connections to them. Using acrylic, resin and the pouring technique, it creates cells that mimic these universal elements. The nature of
    ... [+]
  • Cecil Kebe

  • Ryan Hix
    Ryan Hix

    Official Pictorem Gallery of Ryan C. Hix. Selected works are available for purchase as high quality prints. Print purchases available in these curated gallery collections are professionally printed and fulfilled by Pictorem. Commissions and special
    ... [+]
  • Efrain Montanez
    Efrain Montanez

    My work range involve photography, oil painting, graphite pencil drawing, digital art work , figurative art, expression art, impression art, outsider art, and fauvism art. My art signature is Nez, the last three letters of my last name (mont
    ... [+]
  • Chase2themac

  • Elissajoy

  • 1x

    Do you have what it takes to be published in one of the world's most exclusive art galleries? This is not your average photo site. All photos on 1x are selected by a team of professional gallery curators. Just like in a real photo gallery. Our cu
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  • Tamara Harvell
    Tamara Harvell

  • Chris Bankston

    Chris Bankston is a self taught photographer out of Kansas City Missouri. He was trained in graphic design at the Art Institute International of Kansas City and showed a knack for photography and editing. After graduating during the economic collapse
    ... [+]
  • Michel Nadeau
    Michel Nadeau

    I consider myself a creative thinker and a passionate photographer. Love to share pictures and my views about this amazing world. I never see a subject as it is , but rather what I think it can become in my head. Creativity is reinventing what you
    ... [+]
  • RevMatch Inc
    RevMatch Inc

  • C R Fine Arts by Branded Exposure LLC
    C R Fine Arts by Branded Exposure LLC

    I began my photography journey at the age of 12 with a 35mm film camera I found at a garage sale. I quickly fell in love with the art of capturing moments and telling stories through images I captured. Over the years, I have honed my skills and devel
    ... [+]
  • Fabien Dormoy
    Fabien Dormoy

    Pictures taken by Fabien Dormoy
  • sherryMarie bell
    sherryMarie bell

    sherryMarie bell, fine art nature photographer When she retired from corporate life, sherryMarie bell was ready to transform all her life accomplishments into a venue that would give peace to everyone, and in 2021 she founded Wonder Nature Photograp
    ... [+]
  • W Addison Smith
    W Addison Smith

    Semi-retired plant breeder, history buff & art lover with a new found passion for Digital Art creation through Midjourney AI. It's amazing what Midjourney can do with some patience, coaxing, understanding and research. Tend to explore differen
    ... [+]

    It all begins with a memory. Maybe it was when you first dipped your toes in the water as a child. Maybe the sounds of waves crashing offshore in the dark calls to you . Maybe you dreams of floating weightless in a shimmering sea.. Whatever it is
    ... [+]
  • Biography in English available following the French version Biographie
    ... [+]
  • Francis Pelletier
    Francis Pelletier

    ... [+]
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