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Pictorem has become known as one of the most trusted online, global photographic and art printing studios on the planet. Our team constantly produces & delivers
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Giclee printing with Pigment ink on a Premium Fine Art Matte Canvas 410g/m2, designed to meet galleries and museum longevity requirements and ensure consistency of shades 200 years old.

We automatically add a free 1.75 inch extra unprinted canvas material on each sides (3.5 on width and height) if you want to stretch your canvas

Shipped in roll inside a Strong Tube
Printed on 410g/m2 Fine Art Matte Canvas
Premium exhibition serie




Professional Art Review for each order

Our professional in-house designers review orders we receive to ensure each one is printed to perfection.
Select your print size
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We build your canvas at the exact size you want
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Roll Canvas / Unstretched     Suggested popular sizes
16 x 12 "
24 x 16 "
30 x 24 "
36 x 24 "
48 x 36 "
72 x 48 "
30 x 12 "
36 x 16 "
48 x 12 "
48 x 16 "
48 x 24 "
72 x 12 "
72 x 16 "
72 x 24 "
12 x 16 "
12 x 24 "
12 x 30 "
16 x 24 "
16 x 30 "
16 x 36 "
24 x 30 "
24 x 36 "
24 x 48 "
30 x 36 "
30 x 72 "
36 x 48 "
36 x 72 "
48 x 72 "
12 x 12 "
16 x 16 "
24 x 24 "
30 x 30 "
36 x 36 "
48 x 48 "

VARNISH & CANVAS FINISH OPTIONS (available during checkout)

Canvas Printing

Delivering exceptional quality. Always. Guaranteed.

Our pigmented ink is designed to resist fading. Our printing technology retains black and color quality for up to 200 years.

Canvas Printing We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

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After uploading your image you will see an option to select the printing area of your image and you will see the option between Gallery wrap: we use your image and extend it to the sides. And Mirroring: we reflect the extremity of your image and reflect it on the side so you are not losing any area in front your canvas / or Solid color.

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To know which varnish to choose, it is important to understand the differences between each:

The non-varnished canvas has a stronger texture of the cotton which works very well for paintings.

The matte varnish has a much sleeker finish with a stronger depth in colors, making it more suitable for realistic photographed images (family, landscape, etc.).

The glossy finish is best used for images that are semi-digital (edited images) or digital images, with the glaze of the finish creating a reflection that almost emulates the lighting of a screen.

The silver finish is very special in nature and hence often a hit-and-miss. However, from our experience printing it. We noticed that images that have very strong contrast with prominently darker colors (for example, a picture of space) work very well

Please note: standards vary from clients to clients, hence we cannot guarantee that our opinion will adhere to your liking.

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We are using a 410g/m2 fine art Matte Canvas, with a Poly cotton blend, 70% cotton and 30% polyester to provide the best strength and pure white color.

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When you select our premium "wrap" style, 1.5 inch thick wood Frame for your canvas print, we will increase the size of your image by 1.5 inches all around. This way we can wrap the canvas around the frame with the edges of your image. We will however always check to make sure we are not removing a crucial element of your picture.

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We process all our images at 300 dpi (PPI) Don't enlarge your image, we will take care of it. We do suggest you send sRGB, the highest quality JPG format.

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We offer a variety of floating frames for Canvas. You can add it to the shopping cart page. You'll find an option below the description of the item.

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We are using a 60 inch HP Pigment ink plotter, so for: Stretched Canvas print: Max size is 100 inches by 54 inches. Canvas print shipped in Roll: Max size is 150 inches by 58 inches. Please note that if you want want even bigger size, we can print your artwork in multiple panels.

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Darian AlexanderUSA
There are no other words to describe Fabien and his work than FLAWLESS! It took over a month from the point of actually ordering until delivery of my piece. I thought this was a little excessive, however, when I opened the box and I could definitely see why. I will definitely order from them again! 
Shelby AttsUSA
After a lot of online research, I found Pictorem and read through many positive reviews. I would love to add to this list of reviews by mentioning how absolutely thrilled I was to receive my very first gallery wrapped photo art on canvas. This was ordered as a Christmas gift for my husband and we were both extremely pleased with the results! Creating photo art is my passion & my hobby, so I will definitely be using Pictorem for my future projects to bring them to life! 
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